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Inclusive Digital Video Training in Youth Work (InDVT)

What is InDVT and what does it do for our society?

The InDVt is a project sponsored by the European Union involving several countries. The objective of the project is to create a way of teaching youth trainers to increase the use of “inclusive videos” in their daily work. It is intended to be used for non-formal youth trainings of any sort.

The platform for all the basic and enhanced training was created by the partners in Bulgaria. They developed a website which will be translated into many different languages. On the platform there are several training modules each written by a different partner. You can access information, such as how to collect digital videos, the digitization of videos and TV, raising digital awareness, digital videos in inclusive training and last but not least some tips for trainers. After completion of each module, one will be able to take a self-assessment to test if one has understood the material correctly.

In addition, there is one surprising element in the platform. They have an absolutely stunning resource page, where they list a lot of examples they have found during researches dealing with these topics. Each of the accessible videos has a deeper meaning and can directly be applied to educational and awareness raising purposes. Thanks to nanoo.tv and Mr. Henning Timcke, all of these videos are now on a secured platform and will always be available to youth trainers in the future.

The Meeting

On the 15th of December 2017, the third partner meeting of the InDVT Project took place in Prague. With participants from Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic many competent partners convened at the University of Life Science in Prague.

The project partner responsible for Switzerland, Mr. Henning Timcke, was entitled to bring two guests along to the event in Prague. After due consideration he decided to invite a couple of students from the “Alte Kantonsschule Aarau” with whom he had just finished a project. Natalia Castro Castell and Pascal Meier were given the opportunity to attend, and they were very grateful to join him on this adventure.

The goal of the meeting was to enhance the product proposition in such a way that it would become more user-friendly and ready to be campaigned to a broader base of youth trainers. After an exhausting day of discussing improvement ideas, all partners agreed on the next steps to be pursued and implemented during the following weeks. All the attending representatives unanimously agreed that the meeting was considered a full success.

Prague the city

The day after the meeting the two students from Aarau had some time to explore the city of Prague. Cognizant that a single day of sightseeing was not enough to see the entire city, after a conversation with local guides, we had decided to make our own very ambitious plan. Within a couple of hours, we managed to see most of the sights and monuments, such as the beautiful Karls Bridge, the John Lennon Wall, the Petřín observation tower and some more impressive old buildings. During a small break in the old part of the city, we enjoyed some delicious Czech food in an old restaurant and tasted some hot wine in one of the many wonderfully decorated Christmas markets.


In summary, it can be said that the trip was very successful, both in terms of what we learned and experienced in a different environment. Personally, the highlight of the trip was the dinner with all the partners during which we enjoyed delicious local Czech dishes, like the amazing dumplings, and the good and interesting conversations. We were really honored to be able to have had the opportunity to further observe this project and to represent our school. It will be interesting to follow the further development of this InDVT project and the success it will have.

InDVT: http://inclusivevideo.org/de
Nanoo.tv: https://portal.nanoo.tv

By Pascal Meier, G3L